Beautiful Bamboo Garden Furniture

Turn your garden into a peaceful paradise 


There’s something special about bamboo garden furniture. This popular outdoor trend is one of the most versatile ones out there. Used both in indoor and outdoor décor, bamboo is a fantastic material. 

When using bamboo, you bring in diverse cultural vibes. Decorate a cosy bohemian design or a laid-back lounge atmosphere. Bamboo garden furniture fits in every décor. Let’s find out why you should decorate your garden with bamboo! 



The benefits of choosing bamboo garden furniture

Bamboo garden furniture is sustainable and eco-friendly. This organic material is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Bamboo garden furniture is hardwearing, which means you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Not to mention how beautiful it is, with its natural shine, light shades, and minimalist detailing. Bamboo is a versatile material that can be paired with wooden furniture and even glass or metal accents.




How to create a zen look with bamboo garden furniture 

If you want your outdoor area to look and feel like a relaxing heaven, bamboo garden furniture is the perfect choice. We have furnishing solutions for every space, from a cosy balcony to a big garden. Decorate in style with a pair of bamboo folding director’s chairs – they’re trendy and unique. Or go for a bamboo dining set for lovely meals outdoors.

For lounging, we recommend deck chairs made of a sturdy bamboo structure and a colourful canvas for your comfort. Add a bamboo coffee table or bamboo stools, as an additional seating option. In a big garden you can opt for a bamboo bistro set with a bar for a tropical mood. This way you’ll design an inviting outdoor spot, perfect for social gatherings. 



Bamboo decorations: details that elevate your garden

To emphasise the zen look of your outdoor décor, mix and match bamboo garden decorations. Bring the natural vibe of bamboo into your garden with bamboo rugs and lanterns. Add a bamboo sun umbrella to your patio for the perfect exotic lounging mood. 

The tropical vibe of your garden isn’t complete without lots of plants – so why not choose a bamboo garden bed with trellis? You can even separate your lounge area with a bamboo fence. It will create a cosy and welcoming spot. Accessorise your bamboo garden furniture with throws and pillows in natural shades or vivid colours, for a bohemian feel. 


Tips for styling your bamboo garden furniture 

Try out some of our ideas for styling your bamboo garden furniture:

  • Match it with other natural materials like wood or rattan. Add shades of green, earthy tones, and natural plants.
  • Design an Asian-inspired garden décor with bamboo garden furniture. Draw inspiration from Japanese or Indian design – patterns, shapes, colour palettes. 
  • Always play with light. A bamboo garden décor needs matching lighting fixtures to emphasise its beauty. Add some string lights, bamboo lanterns, or lamp shades made of paper or natural fabrics.
  • Combine the beautiful shades of bamboo furniture with contrasting colours. Use pillows, throws, coffee table decorations, and rugs in strong colours to make your décor stand out. 



Care for your bamboo garden furniture 

Bamboo is a lightweight material that proves to be very hardwearing. Also known as the “green steel”, bamboo makes for sturdy and durable garden furniture. To keep your bamboo garden furniture in its best shape for years, there is some maintenance to be done.

Protect it from constant exposure to sunlight or harsh weather conditions. We recommend storing it in winter. Clean it occasionally with a soft cloth and soapy water to get rid of dust. To have your bamboo garden furniture look like new, apply oil every several months. This will keep and emphasise its natural shine and the beautiful light shade of the bamboo wood.