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Tasteful lighting

A house without the proper lighting is incomplete. With lamps you easily create a cosy atmosphere by making certain parts of your home stand out. Lighting is available in many shapes and sizes, from very modern to classic. Besides being decorative, a lamp is also very functional. When you’re having dinner in the evening it’s nice to be able to see what’s on your plate. Here at vidaXL, we have an amazing has selection of different kinds of lighting solutions.

Light fixtures in different styles

Here at vidaXL, you can find an amazing selection of lamps suitable for modern interiors, classic interiors and anything in between. A modern, adjustable arch lamp could be placed next to your sofa, creating extra lighting for when you want to relax with a good book. You can also find lamps from the Philips LivingColors collection here. These lamps ensure a lovely atmosphere because they allow you to choose the colour with a remote control. A pendant lamp in the shape of a lantern will look great in a classic interior. It is also very trendy to play with styles, for example, choose a classic lamp for your modern interior. Make sure that it fits with your furniture in terms of colour.

Create a lighting plan

When choosing a new lamp, it is important they create unity my making sure that the correct places in your home are illuminated. Think about where you want to place your lamps beforehand and choose lamps in the same style. These light fixtures may differ in shape and colour; however, it is important that they have the same look.

Spare your eyes and choose the right light intensity

Have you already chosen some beautiful lamps for your home? If so, it’s very important you also choose the right bulbs. Reading a book in bad lighting is can be tiring for your eyes and we do not want that now do we? It’s also useful for lamps above a dining table and next to chair to be stronger than the main lights in the room.

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