Trendy Wooden Garden Furniture

Emphasise the natural beauty of your garden


Furniture made of natural wood pleases the eye like no other. Especially when designing your dream garden, wooden furniture is the way to go. Wood still is the number one material used for garden furniture.

Natural wood brings warmth, comfort, and richness to every décor. It is a versatile material, suitable in various designs. Let’s discover how to integrate wooden garden furniture into your garden.



Warm and cosy wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture is beautiful in a unique way. Each type of wood has its own grains and characteristics that make it stand out. Different wood shades create pleasing contrasts, while the design of the furniture makes it fit your décor. 

Wooden garden furniture is ideal in both modern and traditional outdoor settings. Wooden furniture balances the natural vibe of the outdoors with the comfort of indoors. Choose furniture made of wood for your porch, garden, or balcony – you’ll enjoy it for years to come.




The right wooden garden furniture  

Wooden garden furniture paints the picture of a relaxing but classy and trendy garden décor. The versatility of wood allows you to style your outdoor area as you please. Pinewood, teak, and white oak come in lighter shades, perfect for a summerish garden design. Acacia wood has bold and elegant tones, while the colour of mahogany or rosewood add a vintage vibe to your outdoor area.



How to style your wooden garden furniture

The versatility of the wooden garden furniture allows you to style it in various ways. For example, our solid teak garden dining set is perfect for enjoying meals outdoors. Make it more comfortable, adding soft cushions in your favourite colour. 

Those who love relaxing outdoors need an Adirondack chair made from solid fir wood. Pick one in a bright colour and match it with a white wooden table. You can even get the 2-seater version, for lounging with your favourite person. 




Wooden furniture: sturdy, durable, and long-lasting

Wooden garden furniture is long-lasting and comfortable. Depending on the type of wood you choose, you define the look of your outdoor area. Hardwood, such as oak, promises sturdiness and subtle beauty. A lightweight option is softwood, pinewood being the most popular choice. 

The grains and fibres of the chosen wood bring a natural charm to your cosy garden setting. Make sure you protect it against the elements, storing or covering it. To keep it looking like new, regular oiling or waxing is recommended.