Hottest Trends: White and Light

The understated power of calmness 


What does white mean to you? The common understanding of white has something to do with purity, calmness, and class. When decorating, we all choose white items – furnishings or accessories. But what do you think about an all-white interior? 

White in our homes is, without a doubt, a timeless choice. Part of the hottest trends, the white and light interiors are catching our attention. Let’s find out how we can design a space based on white and its shades, but also look into the great does and don’ts of this trend.



How to design a white interior

White works in every room. It defines a calm atmosphere that’s inviting. White also means cleanness and style, which is why white kitchens are very common. Perfect for every room, white can help with limited space, making it look bigger and more luminous. 

But most people fear a bland white interior, thinking it might feel cold and not cosy. To avoid this, follow the number one rule of using white: layering whites. Mismatch various nuances of white with natural shades to get the warm cosy feeling of home. The way to do this is your choice. You can choose white statement pieces and add accessories in other shades to enhance the look. Or go for neutral shades for the bigger furnishings and use white to make them stand out. Always try to create a balanced look – all white is never enough. 



Texture is everything 

A white space shows elegance and richness when paired with fitting textures and colours. To avoid the cold feeling and design space that’s homey and warm, throw in some rich textures. The choice depends on what you like and the style you’re creating. White pairs well with everything you might think of.

Add natural wood furniture for a Scandinavian look. White next to bricks – coloured or white, is a stunning combination. Marble in the company of white will stand out through its complex texture. Throw in some rich fabrics like wool, cotton, or silk. Play with different shades of white and versatile neutrals for a warm minimalist atmosphere. 



The power of contrasts

White is strong by itself. Even so, the white trend doesn’t isolate this aesthetic, but it enriches it with beautiful contrasts. Combine an off-white sofa with cream shades for the rug and other accessories but bring in vibrant greens with plants. This way you get a fresh and cosy living space.

The many shades of blue will take your white interior to the next step. The Mediterranean look works great in a modern kitchen with a unique always-on-holiday mood. White also allows you to play with the lighting of a room. Add transparencies and metallic sparkles. Combined with glass, silver, and gold accents, a white interior becomes a fancy canvas for displaying calmness.