Hottest trends: Velvet

Modern elegance with a velvet look & feel


Velvet has been around for centuries. It's no surprise that it's still one of the most popular interiour design trends today. Velvet, as a material, has evolved beautifully from the dark Victorian aesthetic to the modern aesthetic we know today. 

The best thing about decorating with velvet is that it fits everywhere. It goes with every room, layout, style or type of furniture. It allows you to create bold designs with standout pieces, or you can go for a more subtle look with velvety accessories. Last but not least, velvet also encouraces you to play with contrast for a one-of-a-kind visual appeal.



Statement pieces

Velvet makes a statement by itself. When used as a focal point in interior design, velvet creates a look unlike any other. Depending on the room you're decorating, choose a piece of velvet furniture that draws all the attention. When you add a velvet sofa to your living room, it will undoubtedly make the room shine. You can choose between a Chesterfield velvet sofa in bright colors and a minimalist one with metal legs for a more modern look.

With the help of a velvet bed, you can add sophistication to your bedroom. If you want an elegant bedroom setup, choose a detailed design, or open up your space with simple lines in neutral colours. We also recommend adding a high back velvet chair to create a cosy corner for relaxing afternoons. With velvet dining chairs, you can add a touch of class to your dining room. You can set the tone here by choosing between a modern design with a plush velvet texture or Victorian upholstery in a darker velvet.



Luxurious Accessories 

If big velvet pieces are too strong for your taste, then you have the option of beautifying your space with accessories. The perfect velvet accessories are those that fit your desire of putting a romantic spin on your home. You can complement your bedroom with velvet nightstands or an end-of-bed bench. 
Velvet poufs and ottomans are super stylish and comfortable, perfect for every living room, no matter the existing style. Another eye-catching detail to use is a velvet coffee table – this is quite a unique way of creating a graceful mood in your living room. If you’re a bit hesitant about decorating with velvet, we recommend dressing your windows this way. Velvet curtains bring depth to a room, while smaller details like cushions or lampshades will definitely add a rich texture. 



Dramatic colours VS. soft colour palettes 

Returning to the traditional use of velvet, we see bold and dramatic colours paired with shiny buttons or contrasting seams. To make a statement, choose jewel-toned velvet in dark green, deep blue, or wine red. The modern approach to interior design encourages us to use velvet in a more subtle manner. To add a soft and playful note to your home, choose pink, duck-egg green, or even white velvet. Don't worry about using lighter colours; if you choose velvet that's been treated for spills, your furniture can last a lifetime.