Hottest trends: Gold Accents

That touch of glamour your home needs to shine


Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and luxury. Its use in interior design evolved over time, from richness to kitsch. If balanced correctly, gold creates a luxurious and elegant aesthetic.

Gold accents are back in style, and have certainly caught our attention. Dare to use golden accents to create an elegant vibe, or make a statement with some classy gold details. Decorate your home with gold accessories or furniture with a gold finish for a delicate look.



Colour combinations that are both bold and soothing

Using gold accents might seem like a challenge, but fortunately, this stylish trend can teach us how to avoid a tacky design. Gold should be toned down using a well-considered colour palette, and we're here to give you a few options.

The safest bet is to use black and white with gold accents. This combination really creates a refined look. Or use neutral tones in combination with gold. This will add some warmth to your home. Lastly, you could also go for a very bold colour scheme, combining touches of gold with deep green or blue, or a soft champagne-pink palette to make a statement with your design.



Gold needs to be used with the right materials

Gold should always be paired with the right materials. Because it's so luxurious, gold needs a subtle base that allows it to shine, but not overpower. When it comes to furniture and accessories, choose a material that fits the space to create a balanced look. Adding gold in combination with steel or glass creates a great modern feeling. Or pair gold accents with solid wood to create a classy space. For a full-out extravagant design, combine gold accents with marble and velvet.



Use gold accents to turn sober into stunning

Black and white minimalist interior designs deserve to stand out too. A little bit of gold is the perfect solution. Throw pillows, curtains, or light fixtures can all be dressed up with golden accents for a vibrant and stylish look. Accentuate specific spaces in your home by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your existing design. Also, keep in mind that golden accents can be used to draw attention to smaller rooms or spaces. The shine of gold gives the impression that a room is more open and spacious.