Hottest Trends: Lovely Wicker & Rattan

Appreciation for natural materials that brighten up every place


Remarkable trends impress through simplicity, creating a feeling of easiness. With such a strong visual impact, the wicker & rattan trend invites the natural feel into our homes.

It’s organic, it’s cool, and it fits every room, every style, indoors or outdoors. From small accessories that bring life to a room to stand out pieces of furniture that deserve a spotlight, rattan pleases the eye in any form.



Colour guideline - soft & calming

The rattan trend adds a dash of sophistication to your home, in a soft and lovely way. Due to its colour palette, wicker creates a fresh, warm, and open atmosphere wherever you choose to place it. The nude shades of rattan (natural or artificial) create depth through simplicity when paired with fresh whites, subtle shades of grey, and soft biscuit tones. Make sure you complement it with touches of greenery, for the natural indoor vibe that invites you to slow down and relax.



Mix & match for texture

The wicker & rattan trend stands out through versatility, being lightweight and super durable. Wicker is a type of weave, while rattan itself is a natural material. Nowadays, synthetic rattan is most commonly used, being more eco-friendly. Next to other natural materials like jute or bamboo, wicker gets to shine and define the cosiness you’re looking for. 



Great for indoor & outdoor 

Wicker & rattan furniture is the way to go when designing an outdoor space too. It creates a harmonious area that balances the liveliness of the exterior with the cosiness of the indoors. Opt for exterior rattan sets for dining or lounging. Choose some cushions or stylish throws for a plus of comfort and a touch of colour.