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Garden Arches, Trellises, Arbours & Pergolas

Order your garden arch, pergola, & arbour online

Like many products, you can easily order garden products online such as a garden arch, trellis, arbour, or pergola. All are great additions to any garden. Pergolas for example can be used as garden decoration or to grow plants against.


Benefits of a pergola or garden arch

The biggest advantage of a pergola or garden archway is that they create a beautiful light. During a warm summer, the plants that grow over it provide a nice shade. Place your garden furniture underneath and you no longer need a parasol! Another option is to attach a shade sail to the top of a pergola. This immediately makes it look very different and cosy and you’re protected against the sun.

Furthermore, a pergola or arch can ensure that the transitions in your garden from, for example, the terrace to the rest of the garden are a bit more natural.

A smaller version of the pergola is the rose arch or rose arbour. When it is completely covered with plants and flowers, you’ll have a romantic place where you can sit and enjoy the sun.


Wooden pergola or garden arch

There are many different types of pergolas, garden arches and arbours to choose from. One of the most common materials is wood. A wooden pergola or garden archway is widely used because it gives a beautiful and warm look to your garden. They are often made of solid dried hardwood which ensures that it remains beautiful for a long time. Furthermore, the wooden pergola is perfect for climbing plants to grow against them. An advantage of wood is that it suits every garden.

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