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Arm Chairs, Recliners & Sleeper Chairs

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Comfortable armchairs

In most dictionaries, the definition of armchair is “lazy chair”. Here at vidaXL, this is exactly what we have in mind when creating our wonderful selection of such items. In these chairs, you can really relax with a good book or whist watching your favourite TV show. Our comfortable armchairs are also fantastic for enjoying an afternoon nap. For optimal relaxation, you’ll find a variety of chairs with foot stools, as well as massage chairs and chairs you adjust to just the way you like, all here at vidaXL.

Fabric and faux leather armchairs

Some people prefer chairs upholstered with fabric because they exude more warmth. You could also choose a (faux) leather chair. This material is wonderful to the touch and can be easily cleaned. When all your furniture is made of leather, it does not necessarily mean that the beautiful new armchair needs to be also. A combination of different materials will give your interior a unique and eclectic look.

Adjustable, relaxing chairs

Here at vidaXL, we love to help you achieve optimal relaxation with our wonderfully comfortable and adjustable armchairs. Ideal for an afternoon nap, we have a superb selection of chairs with adjustable backrests, designed so you can lean back and really relax. The included foot rests complete the comfort experience. The reclining chair is another type of armchair that can help you relax. You can easily get up or sit down thanks to the reclining system. Besides this, the foot rest is adjustable allowing you to lie down with your legs up. Fabulous!

Create unity in your interior

By adding a relaxing chair to your interior, you can immediately create a cosy sitting corner. It is also an amazing way to add some colour or a different material to a space. Choose a gorgeous purple chair or an armchair with a patchwork design for example. This will brighten up a sober black or white interior with ease, whilst creating a real focal point to the room.


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