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Window Treatments

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Various roller blinds

If you would like to create some more privacy within your home but prefer not to put up curtains, window blinds are an excellent solution. A big advantage of window blinds is that they can easily be rolled up during the day. With this window treatment, you can decide for yourself how much of the outside world you can see whilst keeping the sun out easily. You will find a wonderful variety of window blinds and treatments, in a range of lovely colours and designs at vidaXL.

Normal and blackout window blinds

If you want window blinds in your bedroom, blackout blinds are a fantastic option to consider! These wonderful blinds have a layer of coating that completely obscures the light from outside. This keeps the bedroom nice and dark. Blackout roller blinds are also very suitable for your living room. When the sun is shining bright, you can choose to keep the light outside, thus keeping the house nice and cool.

Blinds with and without print

At vidaXL, we offer a superb range of window and roller blinds, available in a variety of beautiful patterns and colours. Duo curtains are extremely popular these says. These fantastic blinds consist of alternating dark and transparent stripes. When you roll down your blinds, you can align the stripes which allows you to control the amount of light that enters a room. A solid window blind creates a serene atmosphere for a busy interior, whilst a colourful blind can really brighten up the room.

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