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Window Screens

Window screens as sunshades

If you are looking to install curtains or blinds in the living room, you will probably not consider a blackout option, as this will make the room very dark. If, however, you are looking to keep things cool inside, a window screen may be an ideal solution. It will keep the sunlight out, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the view through the window. Here at vidaXL, we offer a superb range of handy screens, with which you can keep your house nice and cool on those hot summer days.

Keep your privacy and protect your house from the sun

Window screens are fantastic for keeping your house nice and cool during those hot summer days. A big advantage over curtains and blinds, is that you can still see the view from your window. Another great advantage, is that screens are installed on the outside of your house, meaning you still have the option of hanging curtains on the inside of your window. You can also benefit from a screen in winter, as it will keep in warmth when it’s cold. Window coverings, however, are not always resistant to rain, and, as these coverings are installed outside of the window, it is important to select a screen which is windproof. A screen that flaps around when it is windy outside will become very annoying indeed!

Blackout window coverings

Screens are also suitable for the bedroom. You can choose a blackout screen to keep things dark inside, especially during the summer months. Please consider that blackout screens are mostly installed on the inside of your window.

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