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Kitchen & Dining Room Chairs

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Sitting comfortably at your dining table

The dining table is a place where much time is spent. This is the place you have dinner, talk about your day, read the paper, and where your children draw and do crafts. During all these activities, it’s very important that you sit comfortably. Therefore, high-quality dining chairs are going to be the desirable choice! Here at vidaXL, we offer a stunning range dining room chairs and an incredible variety of styles. Because we offer such an amazing selection, we really do believe we have the perfect chairs for any home!

Dining room chairs without armrests

There are many kinds of dining chairs available, in a huge range of materials, shapes, styles and colours. Some people prefer chairs with armrests, which ensures extra seating comfort at the dining table. An advantage of chairs without armrests is that they provide more space at the table. You can, for example, place three chairs next to each other instead of two.

Material selection

When choosing your new dining chairs, it is a good idea to already have in mind which material good you want to go for. A (faux) leather chair is a great choice, as it can be easily cleaned and looks beautiful with the dinner table in your living room. Fabric chairs have a warm look and are very comfortable to sit on. Simple wooden or synthetic chairs look lovely with a dining table in your kitchen and you can find them in a wonderful range of exciting colours.

Designer chairs

Designer dining room chairs add something special to your dining room. These chairs have unique shapes and colours making them real eye-catchers in a space. Think of colourful fabric chairs with armrests, or a simple design with a tube frame. You won’t know whether to sit down or to simply stare at your beautiful new piece of furniture!

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