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Outdoor Benches

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Beautiful garden benches

Placing a garden bench presents an easy way of adding extra seating space to your outdoor living area. A garden bench doesn’t necessarily have to be incorporated into your existing garden furniture set, because it also works as a stand-alone piece. Place a bench up against an exterior wall, that gets a lot of sunlight during the day, or where you can enjoy the last warm rays of sunlight in the late evening. At vidaXL, you will find various garden benches, both in a classic and modern design.  

Outdoor benches in different materials

When you imagine a garden bench, a wooden model will most likely spring to mind. Nowadays however, benches are available in a wide range of different materials. Metal, for instance, will remain attractive for a long time, and is relatively maintenance free when compared to wood. A combination of wood and metal is also possible. At vidaXL, you can find beautiful wooden benches with metal pattern features.

Maintaining wooden benches

A wooden garden bench can require some maintenance over the years. In some cases, the wood will need to be stained or painted first to protect it from elements. A bench that is left outside all year round, will need to be cleaned in the spring. Moss and algae will form on the wood, but can also be easily cleaned off.  An easy way to rid your bench of such things, is soak it, then scrub with a solution of salt, soda, or cleaning vinegar.

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