Tiny Urban Balcony Trend

Limited space, endless potential: a versatile yet creative urban balcony

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When living in a city apartment, the most desirable thing to have is a personal outdoor space. A balcony, no matter how modest, allows you to spend some time relaxing in the sunshine.

Every balcony has enough space for a lovely and pleasant balcony seating design. For example, with the right apartment balcony furniture, a generous space may be transformed into the ideal resting spot for lazy days. On the other hand, if you're seeking for small balcony seating ideas, you'll be pleased to learn that there are many ways to design a small yet comfortable balcony.

How can I decorate my balcony?

To design a small balcony seating, besides taking its size into consideration, you’ll have to think about your needs and the way you’ll be using it. With this in mind, we suggest a few stylistic options.

How about turning your balcony into a beautiful private café? This way you can enjoy long coffee breaks outside with a good book or with friends, while having the privacy you desire. A bistro set might be the perfect small balcony seating option, and there are plenty of available designs to match your décor. One great tip to keep in mind when designing a balcony sitting space is to pick a small table, which allows for more traffic space or bigger and comfier chairs.  


Directions for styling your balcony that are both practical and creative

To maximise the space of your small balcony, especially when you want to create a relaxing area, you can try adding a bench or two. Accessorise the bench with comfy cushions and look for a small outdoor table that matches the laid-back design. 

Alternatively, you could go for a more Bohemian vibe for your balcony seating by using floor pillows and pouffes. Details such as colourful pillows, a soft rug, and string lights or other inventive lighting fixtures will create a stunning and inspiring Boho paradise.


What are the must-have balcony accessories?

Your balcony, like any other room in your house, has to be functional and provide the comfort you seek. Balcony accessories not only add beauty to the space, but they also give a sense of practicality, transforming an overlooked corner into a welcoming relaxing spot.

Taking inspiration from the latest small balcony trend could be a great place to start. Regardless of which seating type you choose, we encourage you to think about your comfort first. Like previously mentioned, cushions are essentials that can be the key ingredient to your comfort.


Comfy chair or bench cushions for every taste

You might want to accessorise your bistro set with stylish balcony chair cushions, or maybe just go straight for balcony benches with cushions. Our outdoor décor cushions, which come in a variety of colours and shapes and are constructed of high-quality fabrics for a snug fit, are ideal for this purpose.

To complete the cosy and welcoming look of your balcony, you might want to add outdoor rugs. They not only treat your feet to a soft feel, but rugs also blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to create a cohesive atmosphere that feels like home.

Useful tip: if you’re blessed with a balcony, you'll want to make the most out of your time spent outdoors, regardless of the weather. To shield yourself from the harsh UV rays and get some privacy, we recommend installing a wall-mounted parasol or a balcony screen. Besides, soft and cushy throws will keep you warm on those chilly evenings without forcing you to go inside, so you might want to add those to your balcony décor list too. 

How to design a functional yet stylish balcony

What does your dream balcony look like? When trying to picture it, is it a heavenly relaxing corner, or can it also be a balcony office? There is no reason why you shouldn’t turn plain working hours into a delightful work-from-your-balcony experience. All you need is a sturdy table big enough to hold your laptop and a comfortable chair. 

The easiest way to design a multifunctional urban balcony is to choose a balcony hanging table. This table comes in handy during working hours, but you can also easily fold it away when not in use. As for a chair, you have all the freedom to pick a comfy one, but make sure you leave between 25 – 33 cm from the chair seat to the underside of the table top to keep a correct posture.




Top 5 balcony styling tips

Your balcony, your rules! There are endless stylistic possibilities for making your tiny urban balcony both functional and charming. To put your personal print on its décor, think of some final touches and trendy balcony must-haves.Moreover, the style of accessories and arrangement design that works best in your space is determined by how you imagine your balcony d├ęcor. What you might want to do is rely on your aesthetic choices while also including practical solutions that meet your habits and needs. 

  1. Set the mood with beautiful lighting fixtures, such as string lights, pendant lamps, candle holders, and anything else that might bring that peaceful resort mood into your balcony.
  2. To enjoy your urban outdoor space even when the sun is shining brightly, get some protective shade from a balcony parasol or screen. 
  3. You don't have enough room for both storage and seating? A balcony storage bench with space underneath for your belongings could be the ideal way to mix usefulness and style.
  4. Macramé curtains are a great way to bring a little bit of the Bohemian vibe to your balcony. Experiment with different colours and macramé patterns to match your balcony's décor.
  5. What could be more charming than a lovely plant on your tiny urban balcony? Lots and lots of plants! To infuse nature's timeless beauty into your space, invest in some planters and garden beds.