Comfy Rattan Garden Furniture

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Rattan garden furniture makes us a bit nostalgic. It has the 60s retro vibe, but it feels like this trend is fresher than ever. Part of the natural materials trend, rattan garden furniture does more than dressing up your garden. The rattan furniture trend brings that irresistible island life atmosphere into your own backyard.

This trend is hot and here to stay. Perfect for designing a relaxing garden spot, rattan is inviting, warm, and trendy. It makes us think about a permanent vacation– who doesn’t want that?



Reasons why you’ll love your rattan garden furniture

Rattan has always been a great choice for garden furniture. From loungers to dining sets, rattan garden furniture complements your outdoor décor. Natural or synthetic, rattan is one of the most resilient materials.

Poly-rattan is much more solid than the natural rattan, although it looks exactly the same. It withstands harsh weather conditions, exposure to UV rays, and it has a non-corrosive nature. Moreover, rattan is resistant to wear and tear, easy to repair and clean.


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Rattan garden furniture goes with everything

Rattan garden furniture is so popular because it is a décor chameleon! Present in many types of outdoor settings, rattan garden furniture is the most versatile. Do you like a bohemian relaxing décor? Choose rattan garden furniture to define it. Are you still nostalgic about the 60s retro eclectic look? Rattan furniture with its ageless design is the way to go.

Perfect for both interior and outdoor décor, rattan furniture helps you create a warm and welcoming look. The rattan weave adds texture to every corner and beautifies your existing design. Moreover, the variety of colours and rattan weaves makes it adapt to many styles.



Design a coastal outdoor setting with rattan garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture is a staple of warm tropical climates. Rattan furniture and decorations offer you the freedom to design a vacation-like outdoor setting. For a coastal décor, opt for rattan garden furniture in lighter shades of brown or Mediterranean white.

Complete the look with accessories that remind you of the island life. Opt for throws and pillows in combinations of white and blue or tropical patterns. Decorate with macrame, white candles, and lighting fixtures such as rattan hanging lanterns. Add decorative rattan baskets, bamboo stools, and cotton cushions.


How to style your rattan garden furniture

  • Mix rattan garden furniture with furnishings made of wood, glass, and natural fabrics for a laid-back look.
  • Add plants to emphasise the relaxing vacation atmosphere and the tropical vibe of rattan garden furniture.
  • Play with different shades of colour. From earthy tones to deep blue and vivid green, rattan garden furniture looks amazing in a setting that imitates the coastal design.
  • In a minimalist décor, go for white or black rattan garden furniture. Add accessories or other furniture items made of solid wood in softer tones for an inviting look.



Rattan garden furniture you’ll enjoy for years

Our rattan garden furniture is made of woven PE rattan, a very durable material that’s easy to clean. Being also stain-resistant, you only need to wash it with a low-pressure hose. Dust it occasionally or wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it looking like new.

Although rattan is weather-resistant, we recommend storing it during winter. Another option is to invest in some furniture covers, so you protect it from the elements. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful rattan garden furniture for a long time.


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