Coastal Home Trend

A home that makes you feel like on vacation

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The coastal home trend inspires you to enjoy the feeling of an endless vacation all year round. What specifically defines coastal home décor? A breezy space, filled with natural light and soft shades drawn from nature that is emphasised by splashes of colour evoking a seaside landscape.

Our tips and coastal home décor ideas are here to guide you towards incorporating this beautiful trend into your home.

Why you’re going to love the coastal home décor

Every coastal home has a special vibe about it that makes it stand out. Not only through their subtle yet creative design, but also due to the relaxing and calming feel they give off. The coastal house furnishings and decorations are your tools for creating a balanced, seaside-inspired setting that feels like home.


How to build a coastal home décor

The right coastal décor accessories are the heart and soul of your ocean-inspired interior. Sea motifs can be smartly incorporated in various ways. For instance, you have the choice of lighting fixtures with rattan bases, shell-decorated lamp shades, or clay lamp shades. Plants are must-haves, and you could go for small and low-maintenance succulents or palm trees if the space allows. 

Hand-picked shells and corals are ideal for DIY projects as additional coastal décor accessories. Woven baskets look beautiful and come in handy, while your white walls - the best choice for a coastal home - can be decorated with paintings or photographs depicting your favourite seascape.


The right coastal colour palette 

A coastal home décor takes inspiration from the colours of the beautiful sea setting. This is what you need to keep in mind when building the coastal home colour palette:

  • Make your base out of white and off-white. This gives the impression of an airy space that encourages relaxation.
  • Add texture with sandy tones, such as light creams, natural wood shades, and neutral colours.
  • Play with the powerful shades of the sea, ranging from deep blues to lighter aquamarine tones.
  • Use accent colours, such as orange, red, and terracotta, next to the natural green that your plants add, to complete your coastal home design.


Which materials work best for decorating a coastal home?

The coastal home trend uses an all-natural idea to create an inspiring home that feels cosy yet a bit exotic. These are the natural materials we recommend you opt for:

  • Wood for your furniture, in light tones. Your best bet is to choose oak, pine, but also any other natural wood painted in white or neutral colours.
  • Rattan, wicker, and bamboo are amazing choices, especially for furniture pieces that inspire that specific day-at-the-beach mood.
  • Cotton and linen are great fabrics for both furniture and accessories. They're breathable and add an airy feel to each room.


Must-have items for a coastal home


Versatility is a key aspect of the coastal home trend. You may easily combine furniture and decorations in various styles to create a coastal setting in your home. For instance, your sofa could be made of fabric and come in both modern and farmhouse styles. Your coastal living room will look stylish and well-balanced if you add coffee or side tables with a distressed look. 

On a more playful note, rattan armchairs or deck chairs with a bohemian flair, for instance, are ideal for your beach scene. A wooden bed frame for your bedroom is necessary; it can be rustic or perhaps have a retro-inspired shape.


Bringing the coastal feel into your home

Incorporating the coastal trend into your home depends on the look you want to achieve. There are different nuances you can give to your coastal living décor. For instance, you might add some metal accents and clay ornaments to give the space a hint of the Mediterranean feel. 

You'll need some tropical details, such as palm trees, flamingo, or pineapple patterns if you want to get an island-inspired effect. If cosiness is what you're going for, consider adding cottage-style accents and distressed-looking furniture to your coastal beach house design.



Top 5 coastal décor styling tips

The freedom to design a coastal home to your tastes is what makes it so beautiful. You can go big and incorporate this trend into every aspect of your décor, or you can just add a few coastal accents for a subtle vacation feel.

  1. To make your own beach décor, turn to DIY projects. You can do so much with the sand and shells you bring home from the beach, so use your imagination!
  2. Use rope, anchors, or compasses as accents in your coastal design to give it a more defined nautical vibe.
  3. When selecting your bed linen, keep in mind that a coastal bedroom design needs some lovely seaside-inspired patterns.
  4. You can incorporate a beach vibe into your kitchen and bathroom too! Make sure to include marine themes, such as in door and drawer knobs or mirror frames, because everything is in the details.
  5. For a distinctive coastal home design, don't be afraid to experiment with striped patterns in the traditional white and blue or white and red. Just be mindful of the impact it has and use neutral colours to scale it back if necessary.