Scandinavian interior design style

Simplicity and minimalism, the core of Scandinavian interior


Experience the beauty of Scandinavian style, where simplicity blends with nature's touch. Inspired by the Nordic countries, Scandinavian interior design is defined by minimalism, functionality, and a clean look. Picture clean lines, soothing neutral colours, and lots of natural light. It's a design approach that brings nature indoors in clever ways and creates a warm, inviting space.

In a Scandinavian home, you’re surrounded by the beauty of natural materials like wood and textiles. Get ready to cosy up in a space that's effortlessly chic, practical, and filled with timeless elegance. Welcome to the world of Scandinavian style!


What are the key elements of Scandinavian style?

Unlock the beauty of this style with key Scandinavian design principles that make it truly special. Imagine a colour palette of calming neutrals and cool whites, like a peaceful Nordic landscape. Look into light-coloured woods, plush textiles, and natural materials that bring warmth and texture to your space. With clean lines and uncluttered spaces, Scandinavian décor creates the perfect balance between minimalism and comfort. Choose sleek furniture and decorations to experience the simplicity of the Scandinavian style.

How to use the Scandinavian style colour palette

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The Scandi colour palette is inspired by the natural beauty of the Nordic region, with a focus on bright, light, and airy colours, such as:

  • Soft Whites
  • Cool Greys
  • Pale Blues
  • Gentle Pinks
  • Light Sage Greens
  • Natural Wood Tones

Scandinavian materials to choose from

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Scandinavian interior design is defined by interesting materials that add warmth and texture to spaces. Common Scandinavian materials include:

  1. Light-coloured woods: light woods like pine, oak, and ash are popular choices for furniture and flooring, providing a natural and organic feel.
  2. Wool: soft wool textiles, such as blankets, rugs, and upholstery, bring warmth and comfort to Scandinavian interiors.
  3. Natural fibres: textiles made from cotton, linen, and jute add a sense of simplicity.
  4. Glass: clean-lined glassware, light fixtures, and accessories contribute to the airy ambience.

Learn to create a Scandinavian style décor

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When looking at the Scandinavian style décor, less is more. Style meets functionality in a playful way, so think clean lines, and neutral colours. Inspired by the Nordic winter conditions, there's also plenty of natural light.

Opt for soft textiles and decorations that bring pieces of nature inside. With the Scandinavian design principles, you'll create an inviting look that's effortlessly cool and full of delightful simplicity.

Design a Scandinavian style décor in 3 easy steps

Follow these three easy steps to add the most important Scandinavian interior design characteristics to your space:

  • Step 1: Keep it minimal

    Opt for clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a neutral colour palette to create a sense of peace. For example, a TV unit that combines a natural wood structure with white compartment doors. Store your stuff behind doors for a clutter-free feel, but leave a few items on the open shelving, for a pop of colour.

  • Step 2: Embrace the natural elements

    Use light-coloured woods and comfy textiles, such as a cream textile sofa with wooden legs in your living area. Don't forget to add some touches of greenery for an authentic Scandinavian style.

  • Step 3: Let there be light in your Scandinavian interior design

    Maximise natural light with curtains in neutral shades, strategically placed mirrors so they can reflect the natural light, and light-coloured walls to create an airy and bright ambience.

Essentials for your Scandinavian interior design style

Bring a touch of Nordic serenity into your home with these Scandinavian interior design elements - shop all your favourites below.

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Scandinavian décor ideas from our customers

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Scandinavian Style: Room-by-Room Décor Guide

Let's discover how to add Scandinavian style to your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Get ready to bring a calmness and airy touch to each space as we explore the key elements together. Transform your home with the effortless beauty of Scandinavian interior.


Scandinavian Living Room

A Scandinavian living room is a space that feels homey and inviting. Choose shades of white, grey, and earth tones. Light-coloured wooden furniture, such as a sleek coffee table or a textile sofa, adds warmth and natural texture. Prioritise a clutter-free look with enclosed cabinets and add soft rugs for an extra layer of comfort. Bring in elements of nature, such as potted plants or artificial fauna, to give the room a fresh feel.


Scandinavian Kitchen

Your Scandinavian kitchen is all simple and functional. Opt for minimalist cabinets and countertops made from light-coloured wood. Make use of the natural light, and add open shelving for displaying kitchen items. For a touch of Scandinavian interior design elegance, go for minimalist pendant lights. Complete the look with natural accents like potted plants, fresh herbs, and sleek tableware.


Scandinavian Bedroom

For your Scandinavian bedroom, imagine a relaxing space. Go for beds with wooden frames, soft bedding, and wool rugs. Give it a clean look with enclosed sideboards and bedside tables. Besides neutrals, add some pastels that encourage restful sleep and relaxation. Complete the Scandinavian style vibe with diffused lighting and add touches of greenery for a refreshing connection to nature.

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