Combine the comfort of your home with the joy of spending time outdoors thanks to the "under the sky" living room trend.


Top 3 reasons why everybody loves the 'Under the sky' living room trend

Picture the cosiest living room, but filled with sunshine, a soft breeze touching your skin... This is the heart of an "under the sky" living room, where an outdoor space becomes a beautiful extension of your home.


Peaceful hues from nature

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Choose outdoor living room colours that reflect the beauty of nature. Earthy tones like warm browns and greens are the way to go, creating a zen atmosphere in your "under the sky" living space.


Earthy elements & natural materials

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Bring harmony into your open-air living room with natural materials. From rustic wooden furniture to stone, bamboo, or jute accents, these outdoor living room materials are must-haves.


Eye-catching decorative touches

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Look for colourful cushions, textured rugs, twinkling string lights, and potted plants. These simple touches will turn your open-airliving room into a haven of relaxation without breaking the bank.


Essentials to complete your "under the sky" living room look

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Top 5 open-air living room styling tips

Do you know how to make an outdoor living space beautiful? Design a captivating under the sky living room with these styling tips:


  1. Embrace nature's colours with earthy tones and floral patterns.
  2. Add cosy textures like cushions, blankets, and rugs for extra comfort.
  3. Create magic with enchanting lighting, from fairy lights to lanterns.
  4. Bring indoor comfort outside with relaxing sofas or lounge chairs.
  5. Use wooden room dividers or potted plants for a sense of privacy.


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