Greet your home-based getaway: a cool and chic boho balcony!


Top 3 reasons why the boho chic balcony is trending

How do you picture that vacation feeling? It looks just like a boho chic haven - right on your balcony!

Calming yet lively colours

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Bring warmth into your boho chic balcony with shades of yellow, saffron, and pink. Create depth with turquoise, green, and purple.

Materials: nature's touch

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Play with both vintage and modern boho chic balcony furniture. Look for natural materials like wood, bamboo, jute, leather, and linen.

Star decorations

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For your boho chic balcony, choose handcrafted accents, rounded shapes, soft designs with organic patterns, and lots of plants.


Essentials to complete your boho chic balcony

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Top 5 boho balcony styling ideas

Turn your balcony into a dreamy resort with our boho balcony décor ideas:



  1. Boho lounging - design a cosy seating area with rattan chairs and cute pouffes.
  2. Boho comfort - use rugs in various materials such as faux fur or jute for a comfy space.
  3. Boho accents - add vintage items such as lamps, and memorabilia that bring back nice memories.
  4. Boho time-out - enjoy your privacy with macramé drapes and bamboo fences.
  5. Boho vibes all the way - plants, planters, and garden beds. Bring nature into your beautiful boho chic balcony!


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