Industrial floor lamp


Industrial floor lamp

The industrial floor lamp is an increasingly popular options for several rooms, including the living room. The metal lamp shades, combined with a wooden or metal base, will create a look with an edge. Thanks to the characteristic properties of industrial design, your lamp is sure to be an eyecatcher in any environment.


Industrial floor lamp characteristics

Industrial design is known for its tough appearances, created by its choice of certain colours and materials. Industrial floor lamps are available in several colours, including white, grey, deep blue, brown or black. These colours are hallmarks of traditional industrial design. If you’re looking to add a little more colour, you could also go with yellow, blue, or green as a contrasting colour for your industrial floor lamp.

Besides colour, the choice of material is hugely important for industrial styling as well. Rough materials tend to be the way to go. And by rough we mean unfinished wood, robust metals, steel, and leather.

Many of these materials are staples in vidaXL industrial floor lamp design. Wood is popular as a lamp base. Steel or other metals are often used as the base material for the lampshade. A typical lamp that feels right at home in an industrial interior that combines wood and metal is the tripod. It’s hard to imagine a modern industrial interior design that doesn’t feature this type of industrial floor lamp.


The perks of an industrial floor lamp

A lamp should do more than just provide enough light in the right place. It can also be the centrepiece of your room design. Since you don’t have to suspend or secure a floor lamp in any way, it can be used wherever you feel like you need it. A floor lamp can also be used to light up that one dark corner of the house with a warm glow. Thanks to the wide selection of materials and colours, you’ll be able to find the perfect lamp for your home. 

An industrial floor lamp can be incorporated in more design styles than just industrial. Thanks to its looks having a little edge, and the often neutral colours, it’s hard to find a place it wouldn’t fit. An industrial floor lamp can be used as an eyecatcher in a rustic design. It’s a perfect match precisely because of its natural materials and neutral colours.

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