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Decorate your dorm room AND save money!


The holiday is almost over and the (new) student life is just around the corner! Being a student is not always cheap, so if you can affordably and nicely decorate your student room, that’s always a bonus. The cheaper the furniture, the more money you’ll have left for drinks during the introduction weeks! Here at vidaXL, you’ll find a large selection of furniture with fantastic prices. Take a look at our chairs, beds, tables and cabinets. Are you already living on your own, but can your student room could do with a makeover? If this is the case, be sure to check out the vidaXL online sore for everything you need for a low-cost makeover.



Making convenient use of little space


Maybe you’re one of those fortunate students that has one big room, maybe two rooms, or even an entire student apartment at their disposal. More likely, you’re not, and now you’re facing the challenge of decorating a small student room. Fortunately, we would love to give you some tips!


The first step is to get inspired, and to make sure that everything you want actually fits in your room! It would be a pain to find out, after you bought your furniture, that you’ve been a little bit too optimistic, and not everything fits. It’s useful to draw everything to scale and move the furniture around in the drawings first to make sure everything will fit where you want it to go.


Picking a colour is the next step in student room decoration. Light colours are always good for small spaces. If you feel white is too cold on the walls, you can always pick a light grey or pastel colour. Another way to add some colour is to accessorize. Make good use of throw pillows, paintings or a chair in a bright colour.


Get multi-functional furniture! A sofa bed or a dining table that doubles as a desk are good dorm room ideas. A loft bed is also popular among students, this way you save space on the floor, where you can then put a table or a comfortable chair.Furthermore, make sure you have good lighting on the ceiling and your desk as well as good window coverings. When last night’s drinks are still bothering you in the morning, you can go straight back to sleep with ease!



Redecorating your student room


Already have a student room but feel like a makeover? Here at vidaXL,  you’ll find all the furniture and accessories you need for a good price. We also don’t charge for shipping or returns, so that’s a nice little bonus too!

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